Peter and Kerry met whilst skiing in Austria in 1992.   Peter was born in the Kander valley into a farming family, but spent 30 years living and working in England.  Kerry was born and raised in England.

Soon after they married, they pursued a long-standing personal ambition of Peter's - to sail round the world!  They left the UK on 1st August 1993 - Swiss National Day - in Mythra, their 55 foot sailing ketch - just the two of them. 


After 10 years of adventure they returned to Europe and visited Switzerland to spend time with Peter's family .  It gave James, their son born in New Zealand in 1998, a chance to get to know his father's homeland and family.

It was during this visit that they saw the Altes Bütschels Hus, empty and so obviously in need of copious amounts of Tender Loving Care………….. and that was it, love at first sight……… they started their next adventure.   The rest is part of the history, which they are inviting you to share.