This is a fantastic place where you feel like at home! Highly recommended to anyone, why taking an ordinary hotel when you can stay in such a special place with lovely hosts for less money!

Sabine, Switzerland, February 2014

We stayed at the Hayloft for three nights in January. We definitely had an excellent stay; Kerry and Peter were absolutely perfect hosts in all respect: picked us up at the train station and gave all sort of useful advice. And not least both Anchor and Snorkel are lovely!

Mel, Italy, January 2014

This is the type of place you hope will remain a well kept secret, because it's, "Simply Superb!"

Rod, South Africa, October 2013

I don't think I've ever met more adept and considerate hosts. The moment you arrive you are made to feel most welcome and that hospitality continues throughout the stay. They are knowledgeable, funny, caring and above all very genuinely kind. I really have to commend Peter and Kerry and their son James, for how they open their home and include their guests. It is really something uncommon and very special.

Kelly, USA, October 2013

You will not be disappointed!! Not only is the location wonderful (views of waterfalls, a via ferrata and the paragliders landing nearby) but the place itself is lovely, just as you imagine a Swiss chalet should be. Then there is the fantastic hospitality of the hosts, Peter, Kerry and son James and you have all the ingredients for a wonderful stay. It is the sort of place where you arrive, and after a few days do not want to leave.

Geld, Stockholm, September 2013

You need at least two nights to get involved in the Hayloft mystery of turning guests into friends. Sitting at the big table, enjoying the family style dinner (gutbürgerliche Küche) and talking about the beautiful surroundings and everything else and then go for a good night in the traditional styled room is more then you would expect in just a B&B.

Hans, Holland, August 2013

We had great expectations - a wooden swiss chalet with red geraniums round the window, snow-capped mountains in the background, fields full of wild flowers, and cows with cow bells at the bottom of the garden - we got the lot.

Mary, England, July 2013

Kandersteg has become my favourite place in switzerland, mostly thanks to Peter and Kerry! Peter always has the best tips on where to go in kandersteg, and Kerry really makes us feel welcome and is such a great host!

Amanda, Singapore, June 2013

Our only regret is we only had three nights. When we return, we will be staying longer and using this as a base to travel to other areas. Highly recommended and thank you Peter and Kerry for a memorable holiday.

Rich, USA, May 2013

We have been to many countries and places. But never before we experienced anything like the hospitality of Kerry and Peter. Their B&B was the perfect place for our family event. The children loved playing in the cosy "Hayloft" room or around the house, the adults enjoyed listening to the interesting stories

Isabel, Switzerland March 2013

You know when you meet people who love what they do because they are exceptional at it, well Kerry and Peter, the owners of the Hayloft are excalty those types of people. The Hayloft is more than a B&B, they have created a home away from home atmosphere.

Rachel, Switzerland January 2013

The Hayloft is a beautifully restored/rebuilt Swiss farmhouse, just far enough out of the village to be in an open field but still easy walking distance. Kerry and Peter really are wonderful hosts who go out of their way to look after guests. Stay for dinner too. Not only will you be well fed but the dinner conversation with the family and others guests was always interesting. During the course of a six week holiday in Europe I stayed in quite a few nice places but this really was outstanding.

Greg, Australia, October 2012

The Hayloft is very well organized as you can expect in Switzerland, but with a friendly, cosy touch. Everything was very clean and the beds slept wonderful. The breakfast is a special experience together with the owners at the big table in the kitchen with all delicious, local food. The location is a perfect start for different hikes or cable carts. We started our hike to the Dolderhornhutte from here. Also walking distance to some nice restaurants.
I recommend this to anybody looking for a nice and quiet b&b experience!

Kurt, Holland, October 2012

the excellent reviews are true. True that is if you are a normal fun loving, food enjoying, people person. Though I dare say if you just want space to be on your own and have your time of peace there is no better place for that either.

John, Northern Ireland, August 2012

Peter and Kerry are outstanding hosts, and the property is beautiful. Waterfall view. They served us great meals. Don't miss the wood-fired hot tub. The Oeschinsee is unbelieveable. We will be back for sure.

Heather, USA July 2012

We've traveled widely--the Hayloft ties as one of the best experiences we've ever had

Bruce, USA, July 2012

...we felt welcomed as soon as we walked in the door. The house is great, the food is awesome, but most importantly Kerry and Peter made us all feel welcomed and right at home. There was great conversations, laughs and we felt like part of their family. You know it's special when everyone gets a hug good-bye and they are standing outside waving you good-bye. I would highly recommend the Hayloft and hope to return some day!

Tina, USA June 2012

We have just arrived from the break In Switzerland and we wanted to thanks you for your extraordinary experience. It is not a B&B what you manage but it is a experience place where the friendship, conversations, humor and the quality of service are really over average.

 Javier, Nati & Pablo, Spain- May 2012


Thank you so much for this wonderful stay in your house.  I felt like i was invited to your life's dream for a weekend. The way your beautiful house is organized and the loving way you take care of your guests really allows everyone to spend the most carefree time and replenish. Thank you so much the generous way of sharing your house, for the inspiring and wonderful stories, and last but not least for Kerrys little jokes which I adored !

Susanne, Germany, March 2012


Herzlichen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft und die wunderschönen Tage, die wir in euerem so liebevoll gestalteten Haus verbringen durften.

Lisa & Helmut - Germany, March 2012


Just on our way back and enjoying the memories and stories. Kandersteg and the hayloft were certainly the highlight. Thanks to you 5 for he cozy space and hospitality!

 Jenn, Trev, Nara - Canada, February 2012


 ...thank you for such a fun get-away weekend! It really felt like we were visiting old friends in their beautiful home and village! Thanks for making it so great!

Keri - Switzerland, January 2012


Thanks for the outstanding hospitality and good friendship we enjoyed at your house. Our impression was to come as foreigners and leave as friends. Thanks once more for the good conversation, excellent meals and drinks. We are looking forward to see you again during next year.

 Ingo, Alex & Udo - Germany & Switzerland, September 2011


Thanks so much for being such a lovely host family to us in the beautiful Swiss mountains................ Suffice it to say that we miss you and your welcoming home very much.

Thanks for everything!

Sarah - UK summer 2011


We have on 29 August 2011 stayed on your beautiful alpine farmhouse. In retrospect, it was the nicest accommodation on our two-week tour through Switzerland. Very warm and friendly!

Jennifer & Sebastian - Germany August 2011


We absolutely loved staying at your bed and breakfast. We will recommend it whenever we hear of someone travelling to your part of Switzerland. As I told you when we were leaving, we've stayed at many bed and breakfast's in many different places and you are the best innkeepers we've met.

Nancy & Greg - USA, July 2011


I just had to write to say thank you so much for looking after us so well last week. We had a brilliant time staying with you and really missed our tea once we moved on...........Anyway, we cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. Everything was perfect.

Debbie & Jenny - UK, June 2011


We spend a very beautiful holiday in Switzerland,Germany and Austria and all our accommodation are beautiful but yours was special, not only because of the chalet, which is a mix of rustic and simple elegance in the same time. The charm of your home it come from how you preserve and decorate the whole house, but your success come from your way of life, all of you are very friendly and even if I know about this kind of socialization with breakfast in common it is for the first time when I have experiment it real. It is gorgeous to meet people from all the world. It was a real pleasure to talk about many things, to joke, like a family................ .. you,James and Peter are such a pleasant company and we are not be bored never listening to you. For us was very helpful because after we spend most part of our youth in isolation this opening is very good when it comes with human feelings not only like a polite and distant accommodation.

Marian, Ariadna & Alex - Romania June 2011


I just wanted to thank you again your hospitality, company and help. Your B&B is really great!

Peter & Peter - Hungary May 2011


We were sad to leave. No 5-star hotel can match the level of attention and care they gave us during our stay. I've traveled all over Europe, but this place really stuck out. Book soon, I think word of this place is quickly getting out.

A & K - Holland April 2011


We had a wonderfull time at the Hayloft and are already discussing when we're coming back. We sure like to! It's amazing to experience that people are still able to make you feel welcome and at home within a matter of hours. Even though we stayed for only three days we can honoustly say we will remember the Hayloft and first and foremost your hospitality for the rest of our gifted lives.

Rob & Laura - Holland February 2011


Thank you for the wonderful time we spent with you at the Hayloft. Your openness, humour, generosity and warmth are our lasting memories of our holiday. Kandersteg is no longer just one of Switzerland’s most beautiful alpine villages – it is where Kerry, Peter, James, Anchor and Snorkel live. Sitting around your table, listening to your stories, we learned more about Switzerland in 5 days than in 7 years living in an expatriate bubble near Geneva. Staying at the Hayloft, we quickly lost track of the hours and then the days. It is very easy to understand how one of your guests stayed several months.

Helen, Warwick, Grace & Max - Geneva January 2011

Eva & Lisa -Sweden 2011


Within hours of arriving it was like gaining new family, Kerry and Peter welcome you to their home with open arms. The girls were made to feel so at home with their loft bedroom, friendly pets and a "new brother" - James. Each dinner we ate as one big family - with other guests soon becoming friends too. The food was always plentiful, delicious and lovely. The house is a superbly restored Swiss cottage, warm and very comfortable.

Rachel, Switzerland - January 2011


Wenn Sie den Hotelbetrieb leid sein sollten und das Ursprüngliche lieben,dann sind sie hier in dem uralten "Kanderstegener Haus" bestens aufgehoben. Kerry u. Peter haben dieses alte Haus mit viel Liebe zum Detail wieder hergerichtet.Gäste werden von den Beiden liebevoll aufgenommen und umsorgt. Unvergesslich sind die Abende am langen Esstisch,an dem meist nochmal alle Gäste platznehmen um den Tag ausklingen zu lassen.

Anne+Bernd Müller, Deutschland - September 2010


Still miss you ... that means we might come back one day! That was a great stay at your place with great company. Thanks a lot for a great time.

Laura, Max, Helene & Bart, Denmark - August 2010


Often you hear stressed out people say: "Oooohh, I do so wish I had a small BB, what a haven it would be, each guest would feel so special, pampered and welcome", and you smile and think to yourself: Right, a dream never to come true.......................... and The Hayloft is the place they dream of

Mette, Denmark - July 2010


If you are looking for an authentic Swiss experience in a quiet, spectacular valley, this is the place. We hope to return soon and stay longer.

Coleen, USA - June 2010


By the way, just a reminder to yall, you guys are awesome. We're almost done with our trip and I still think our stay with you guys was the best place we've been. Just letting you know ;)

Austin, USA - May 2010


We`re are really looking forward staying in your wonderful house again, yes, and the next time we will stay a week, and we will bring good weather again.

Gid, Maja, János and Mika, Germany - May 2010


What a wonderful little holiday that was! It feels like I've been away for ages, which is surely a good sign. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful time. I was simply looking for a bed, some breakfast, and a few Swiss mountains. I got all that, but much more importantly, I found the best companions for miles around. So unexpected, and a lovely surprise. I'm already looking forward to my next stay at the Hayloft!

Katinka, Switzerland - April 2010


We have been reading your latest guest comments on your website, and would love to leave a message for you.... However "We have decided not to, as we don't want to encourage other folk to come to our new secret hidaway/winter just wouldn't be fair"

D & B, UK - March 2010


Thank you very much for a wonderful time we've spent with you. We got much more than just a bed and a nice meal, we have gained something, what you can not buy with money. We met a nice and interesting family. Certainly we come back to you again. Are you missing us.

Jan and Lenka Czech republick - March 2010


We were both most happy to stay with you and thank you for your profound hospitality! It's a pity we had to leave, but we are sure that we would love to come again soon.

Christopher, France - February 2010


Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. We are all very grateful for staying with you, you have been so very kind to us. We will all miss you very, very much.

Lucy, England - January 2010


We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and are planning to visit again to do some more of the walks (if you'll have us!) And we all send a big thank you for your kindness and hospitality. We would recommend the Hayloft to anybody.

Bridget, England - September 2009


Thanks you for a wonderful visit in your part of the world. We truly appreciated all the hospitality given to us and enjoyed staying in your wonderful Hayloft. Thanks so much Peter for the expert walking & trail advice and Kerry, for the great "tea", You will see us again!

Becky & Michael, USA - September 2009


We're still on a high from our few days with you, we really enjoyed our trip........... Kids have seen the pictures and would love to come across too so how is August looking next year?

Gordon, England - August 2009


It was great meeting you guys. You are both so lovely. Making the holiday even more delightful. Thank you.

Diane, England - July 2009

Thank you for your hospitality and you good company whilst we were staying with you, it was much appreciated and helped to make a very enjoyable holiday. Kandersteg and its surroundings are delightful and offer so much opportunity for exploring. The spring flowers and meadows were beautiful and the beginning of June seems to be a good time to visit. The Hayloft is also a lovely place to stay with its attractive surroundings and closeness to the village.

David, England - June 2009


I think we had the best time at your place and I don't mean to make you feel better, it's just the you bet on us coming again!!!!

Nienke, Holland - June 2009


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you and just wished it could have been longer. It was certainly the highlight of our few days away and the trip up to the mountains on your private road brought back many happy memories of the mountains in NZ when I was a youngster.

John, England - May 2009


Thank you once again for all your kindnesses to us during our stay. I feel as if 10 years have dropped away since I left home.

Sue, England - May 2009


You might not be able to guarantee the weather, but you can guarantee good food!

Anna, Belgium - May 2009


We would like to thank you again a lot for everything, it was really nice to meet you and to be able to stay at your place.

Catherine, Switzerland - April 2009


We had a fabulous time with you all, you made our holiday very special,& I am sure anyone who stays with you will leave with a sad heart, longing for a time when they can return, you are three very special people.

Cliff, England - April 2009


We would like to thank you again for the pleasant stay we had with you, for the wonderful breakfast and dinner we had with you, for the butterflies, the strawberry fields, the flap jacks (even on our journey to Hamburg - thank you Kerry )........ We will miss you!

Rolf, Germany - March 2009


I cannot thank you enough for having us to stay........we absolutely loved it......and thought you were such a lovely family. You, and Kandersteg, made such an impression that we really hope we'll be able to come back in the not too distant future.....

Lucia, England - February 2009


Thanks for the friendly accommodation and the 'yummy' breakfast we enjoyed. We had a great time in Kandersteg. Hope we'll meet us again some day.

Niels, Germany - February 2009


We'd love to come see you all again. It was the perfect ski vacation and we had the best time."

Eric, France - February 2009


I want to say thank you for the wonderful stay at your Hayloft!!! I can’t stop telling my family about the beautiful mountains and the snow. I had a really nice time! Thank you for your “personal attention” I think we are going to visit you in the future!"

Marion, Holland - February 2009